Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ironing board on London tube

Oh dear - feel like a right old plonker. How does one post pictures onto this - I have a feeling this is going to become a new obsession (as if I haven't got enough of them!!).

I'll start by listing all my knitting projects and I'll post some work-in-progress photos at a later stage.

- a raspberry beret (!) for my friend Martina who lost hers at the 'Children of Men' wrap party
- fingerless gloves for my sister who's coming to visit (it's the Knucks pattern off Knitty)
- a vest top for Sophia and Yasmin
- a raglan jumper for my baby nephew Alex
- a kitty bed for Honey Bunny

This is just a list of current projects - I have a whole Excel spreadsheet of ideas for projects many of which are Knucks gloves etc.... this X'mas, I'm going to make everyone gloves as opposed to scarves . I know it seems a little anal having a 12 columed excel spreadsheet but it's all part of my drive to lead a more organised life. e.g. I live opposite a great DVD shop, it's 6 paces away from my front door and I STILL return rentals late,... how crap is that?? Luckily for me, the owner is very nice and never charges me late fees (perhaps he feels sorry for me, the fact that my lack of organisation has instilled pity is not a good thing really). My good friend T has also offered to give up a weekend and come round to help me tidy up the flat,... I feel like some sort of charity case, maybe people will run the London marathon on my behalf next year to raise money for my cause....

But I am truely ashamed of my crapness that I am going to make a concerted effort to return my dvds on time,.. watched 'Election' last night and I was unexpectedly impressed. Reese Wtiherspoon reminded me so much of a girl I knew at school who was just as perky, pesky and annoying. I generally never watch movies like 'Election' but the nice lady at the dvd shop recommended it to me on Monday evening when I'd had a shitty day enduring the miserable London weather. After the lovely sunshine we enjoyed over the weekend, it was just so depressing to confront the fact that winter's drawing close. I don't generally mind it that much if I'm strapped on my snowboard and playing about on the slopes but there is no snow in London.... which reminds me.

When I went to Milton Keynes to pick up my Nitro snowboard I had to lug it back on the bus, train, tube and walk from Old Street station back to the flat. It felt so incongruous and I got lots of funny stares from people. The normal commuters didn't bat an eye-lid, as Londoners they're used to seeing strange things but I could hear some out-of-towners muttering something about a ski show... it was in March and London was enjoying a particularly sunny day,.. I felt like a right old idiot. Don't get me wrong, I was really stoked and pleased with the purchase of my new board I was trying my best not to look too smug or pleased with myself but I was also aware of people staring which in turn just made me twist up my face which probably made people stare even more.... I can just imagine their thoughts 'Look at that little freak with a deranged expression and what is she doing with an ironing board?'

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hurrah!! At last, I have my blogspace. I have been threatening to do this for a while much to the bf's amusement. This will not help me much with my attempts to concentrate on work... booo, hiss hiss