Friday, July 04, 2008

40 down,.. 86 to go!

The squares have been multiplying and I have enough for a small baby babette if I stopped now.

But I have become somewhat addicted to producing these little critters and will soldier on until I become utterly sick with these. It's a bit daunting that the next 86 are mostly the larger 3 sizes which will take me a lot longer to produce. I'm not stressing about this despite the fact that it's a such a huge project requiring stamina but will just aim to take it square by square - I'll be happy as long as it's done by October. In fact, I'm already thinking about making my next blanket. (You can tell that I'm still in a honeymoon state with my babette, can't you?) I'd choose less diverse colours for a start - perhaps different hues of one dominant shade.

Trying to mix and match various combinations for these colours is proving to be a little bit of a nightmare especially when you have the tendency to over-analyse things as I do. Being indecisive and slightly anal about things being perfect doesn't help the matter either. There are some squares which seemed a great idea in theory but have turned out looking quite lame. I haven't decided whether to give them a make-over or let the rest of the blanket swallow them up. But I do know that I'm going to sew up the different panels as I go along because I'd lose the will to live if I had to sew them all up at the end. Of course, there are advantages to the latter method because you can swap and place the squares together to ensure an even spread.

I'm off to Loop now to buy a more ergonomic hook before starting on the rest of the squares - don't want to end up with a claw-like hand!