Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy (Belated) Blogday to me,.... happy BLOG DAY to meeeee...

(meant to post this on the 27th.. oops! Will also post some photos of Sardinia in my next installment)

Well, it's been a whole year of sporadic blogging and I think I've slowly got the hang of it. It took me a while to learn the whole business of posting pictures and adjusting my template. Although I did forgot how to add links momentarily. I would love to blog more often but knitting, facebbok and ravelry all combine to demand my precious free time.

Some of my friends are very amused that I have a blog and think it a strange, furtive activity, tantamount to hanging out in on-line sex chat rooms or engaging in a virtual second-life. I do have an unhealthy and insatiable lust for reading people's blogs especially if it's about knitting and a lot of them inspired me to start my own. As my day to day job involves reading financial research, procedure manuals and regulatory rulebooks (yawn,.. i know) it is such a treat to be riveted by these windows of creativity, especially if they have luscious fibre related photos.

If it had not been for blogging and the internet in general I suppose, I would never have heard about the Wednesday knitting group or of Acechick. It was through reading her blog that I found my kindred knitters, friends that I have faithfully ensured I meet up with weekly.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Holiday... Celebrate...

Gruff and I are going on a much needed break to Sardinia - it'll be a little adventure as we explore an unknown place. The most agonising decision was what knitting to take along as I have so many UFOs lying about the place. The practical need to travel light (I went travelling around the world with only a 40l backback) means that I am just taking 2 balls of yarn to finish some knucks and a pair of socks.

Here are my essentials;

and some holiday reading - was drawn to the re-released vintage penguin cover and although I have no real desire to read Freud, I feel in love with the font on the cover so that's coming too - it's the aesthetics that matter after all, no?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Scarf Ace...

One of the weird things you can find out on the net, is what was Number 1 in the charts when you were born. In the 3rd week of November many, many years ago, it was David Essex's 'Gonna make you a Star'... hmmm,... the only correlation that has on my life is that I always say to people "I'm Gonna make you a scarf" whenever I blow them out for whatever reason. But lately, I've been keeping them all,.. yes, the last 3 I've made have not made it to their intended receipients. (if I have promised you one and you are reading this now, they're just not the right length, color, width for you, trust me...). Like some over-protective mother, I just cannot bear to unleash them into the big bad world. I just want them clinging on to my neck and staying by my side forever. And let's face it, I can't give them away as presents after they've been wrapped around my greasy neck - that would just be pikey...

Look at this little fluffy one,

How could anyone bear to let it go? I'd sooner bury my face in its soft, mohairy Cocooness... aaaahhhhhhh..... oh look, there's another one perched patiently waiting for some strokeys and attention... this one's an Alpaca and silk hybrid for more formal occasions.

I'd better start organising a grand event for this one to make its debut.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cakes, pirates, crumpets & socks

The fearsome pirate has come back this year to grace a home-made chocolate cake... made at half-10 at night. It's hard juggling a full-on city job with the domestic indulgences of baking. Good fun though and well worth the effort. I had to let Gruff into the secret as there was no way of baking in secret in our tiny flat. Gruff just had to pretend he couldn't see any cake-making in progress... much like how we suspend our disbelief at the theatre
Gruff's birthday socks - my very first pair so they're extra special and must only be worn once a year on birthdays and x'mases...

Also, the lovely Sara's knucks. Was going to make them say 'Snow' 'Babe' but i got the hands mixed up and ended up with I luv snow'... ah well - they'll do! I already have some brilliant and original ideas for more pairs

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Our revels now are ended...

Work have blocked access to Ravelry! Not that I've got my own account as yet, I'm still 7056th down the list but have been using P's account so far. It's just as well I guess, looking at projects and yarn just makes me even more frustrated that I'm at work and cannot knit.

I have started a new project and finished off a couple of other little ones and picked up the blue courtenay again. It was also Gruff's birthday so I was busy trying to finish off his stripey socks,... just in time for the delayed summer weather. Photos will follow soon.

Hello to Jox, Esoteric Knitter and Alice - thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments. Jan has promised to put on a special show for us knitters when she returns from her holiday... much needed after the hectic-ness that is Edinburgh. I'll post details of when and where once I have them and do come along if you fancy seeing the yarngina live.