Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy (Belated) Blogday to me,.... happy BLOG DAY to meeeee...

(meant to post this on the 27th.. oops! Will also post some photos of Sardinia in my next installment)

Well, it's been a whole year of sporadic blogging and I think I've slowly got the hang of it. It took me a while to learn the whole business of posting pictures and adjusting my template. Although I did forgot how to add links momentarily. I would love to blog more often but knitting, facebbok and ravelry all combine to demand my precious free time.

Some of my friends are very amused that I have a blog and think it a strange, furtive activity, tantamount to hanging out in on-line sex chat rooms or engaging in a virtual second-life. I do have an unhealthy and insatiable lust for reading people's blogs especially if it's about knitting and a lot of them inspired me to start my own. As my day to day job involves reading financial research, procedure manuals and regulatory rulebooks (yawn,.. i know) it is such a treat to be riveted by these windows of creativity, especially if they have luscious fibre related photos.

If it had not been for blogging and the internet in general I suppose, I would never have heard about the Wednesday knitting group or of Acechick. It was through reading her blog that I found my kindred knitters, friends that I have faithfully ensured I meet up with weekly.


Jox said...

happy blogday!
I don't tell people about my blog unless the conversation turns to knitting or crafting, then I might mention it. My partner outs me as a blogger all the time and some people look at me as if he has just told them I'm a swinger!

Ginger Lucy said...

Happy happy happy blogday!