Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Our revels now are ended...

Work have blocked access to Ravelry! Not that I've got my own account as yet, I'm still 7056th down the list but have been using P's account so far. It's just as well I guess, looking at projects and yarn just makes me even more frustrated that I'm at work and cannot knit.

I have started a new project and finished off a couple of other little ones and picked up the blue courtenay again. It was also Gruff's birthday so I was busy trying to finish off his stripey socks,... just in time for the delayed summer weather. Photos will follow soon.

Hello to Jox, Esoteric Knitter and Alice - thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments. Jan has promised to put on a special show for us knitters when she returns from her holiday... much needed after the hectic-ness that is Edinburgh. I'll post details of when and where once I have them and do come along if you fancy seeing the yarngina live.

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Jox said...

a private view, how cool. I will definately be there.

I've been tagged again!, it's hard to think of more interesting things!!