Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cakes, pirates, crumpets & socks

The fearsome pirate has come back this year to grace a home-made chocolate cake... made at half-10 at night. It's hard juggling a full-on city job with the domestic indulgences of baking. Good fun though and well worth the effort. I had to let Gruff into the secret as there was no way of baking in secret in our tiny flat. Gruff just had to pretend he couldn't see any cake-making in progress... much like how we suspend our disbelief at the theatre
Gruff's birthday socks - my very first pair so they're extra special and must only be worn once a year on birthdays and x'mases...

Also, the lovely Sara's knucks. Was going to make them say 'Snow' 'Babe' but i got the hands mixed up and ended up with I luv snow'... ah well - they'll do! I already have some brilliant and original ideas for more pairs

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