Saturday, September 22, 2007

Holiday... Celebrate...

Gruff and I are going on a much needed break to Sardinia - it'll be a little adventure as we explore an unknown place. The most agonising decision was what knitting to take along as I have so many UFOs lying about the place. The practical need to travel light (I went travelling around the world with only a 40l backback) means that I am just taking 2 balls of yarn to finish some knucks and a pair of socks.

Here are my essentials;

and some holiday reading - was drawn to the re-released vintage penguin cover and although I have no real desire to read Freud, I feel in love with the font on the cover so that's coming too - it's the aesthetics that matter after all, no?

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dottycookie said...

Gorgeous wool, and I love those sequinned flip flops - hope they got good use!