Monday, September 17, 2007

Scarf Ace...

One of the weird things you can find out on the net, is what was Number 1 in the charts when you were born. In the 3rd week of November many, many years ago, it was David Essex's 'Gonna make you a Star'... hmmm,... the only correlation that has on my life is that I always say to people "I'm Gonna make you a scarf" whenever I blow them out for whatever reason. But lately, I've been keeping them all,.. yes, the last 3 I've made have not made it to their intended receipients. (if I have promised you one and you are reading this now, they're just not the right length, color, width for you, trust me...). Like some over-protective mother, I just cannot bear to unleash them into the big bad world. I just want them clinging on to my neck and staying by my side forever. And let's face it, I can't give them away as presents after they've been wrapped around my greasy neck - that would just be pikey...

Look at this little fluffy one,

How could anyone bear to let it go? I'd sooner bury my face in its soft, mohairy Cocooness... aaaahhhhhhh..... oh look, there's another one perched patiently waiting for some strokeys and attention... this one's an Alpaca and silk hybrid for more formal occasions.

I'd better start organising a grand event for this one to make its debut.

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