Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Spent Saturday knitting a breast in aid of cancer research. I am getting slightly worried that a trend is developing here,.. yes, private bodily parts, what next?! A knitted penis in aid of Fathers for Justice?? Dearest doctor Sigmund would have a field day with me. But it was a pretty civilised afternoon all in all and I felt like an honorary antipodean for an afternoon. Tash and Pauline came to pick me up in the yarnmobile and we found our way to SW as directed by surfer dude Ken. Met a lady who was wearing an awesome felted pea necklace. and my good knittery deed for the day was showing a newbie the intricacies of dpns.

I was trying really hard not to buy any more yarn after going crazy at Ally Pally but they had some silk Habu in a lovely blue color and I just could not resist. In my defence, I managed not to crack for 4 hours whilst surrounded by temping, yummy goodness so I did try to exercise some restraint. Although, I was running around the shop stroking and groping yarn like some demented and depraved person. Hee hee!

Friday, October 19, 2007

It's a Wool-derful life!

I have been floating on a cloud of bliss after last week's yarn orgy at Ally Pally which was a citadel of craftiness. The stuff on offer was mind-boggling, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! I'd missed last year's event because I was young and naive and thought that my stash of 50 odd balls of yarn was excessive. Hah!! This time round I just could not bear to abstain. A full report by one of my fellow yarn com padres can be found here To be fair, Lucy and Caroline were a lot stronger and were at least an aisle ahead of Tash and i who stopped to gawp at everything... we fell in love with some Qivuit (yarn from woolly-mammoth-like musk ox in Greenland). But honestly, we could have been told about some super yarn made specially from a three-legged yak crossed with a double-headed llama and we would have been sold.

After our intense frenzy of yarn-shopping and happily weighed down with booty, we proceeded over to Lucy's for some delicious cake and tea... and much stroking of new our stash additions.

What a perfect day in so many ways! Roll on next year....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sea and Sardinia

Gruff and I spent a lot of time bumming around on beaches

I played with my camera and tried to take arty shots like these.

But most of the holiday was spent knitting, drinking and eating good food.

Also managed to get through a couple of books but despite hunting high & low, I could not find a copy of Lawrence's 'Sea & Sardinia'. Would have been interesting to compare the 2 disparate experiences as our trip was also 9 days long. Oh well, never mind. The next time I feel the need to return to Sardinia, I shall try to hunt down the book again (One of the courses I did at university was 'Travel Literature' which meant that we had Paul Theroux, Basho and Jack Kerouac all on the same reading list - wicked eh? I shall go into all that some other time.)

Tonight though, I shall go to sleep dreaming of diving through crystal blue waters and the heavy scent of sweet pine.