Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sea and Sardinia

Gruff and I spent a lot of time bumming around on beaches

I played with my camera and tried to take arty shots like these.

But most of the holiday was spent knitting, drinking and eating good food.

Also managed to get through a couple of books but despite hunting high & low, I could not find a copy of Lawrence's 'Sea & Sardinia'. Would have been interesting to compare the 2 disparate experiences as our trip was also 9 days long. Oh well, never mind. The next time I feel the need to return to Sardinia, I shall try to hunt down the book again (One of the courses I did at university was 'Travel Literature' which meant that we had Paul Theroux, Basho and Jack Kerouac all on the same reading list - wicked eh? I shall go into all that some other time.)

Tonight though, I shall go to sleep dreaming of diving through crystal blue waters and the heavy scent of sweet pine.

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