Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Adventures in Tavistock

Spent a chilled, food centred weekend down in Devon with Gruff's folks. Tavistock is a very pretty market town with an excellent yarn shop which had a healthy stock of Rowan, DB, Noro AND Colinette yarn. I can definitely see myself visiting again. We went for a walk on Sunday and saw some Dartmoor ponies and some demented sheep but I have no photographic evidence because I didn't take my camera with me after I'd made a specific point to pack it amongst our stuff...
I thought i'd had the knitting agenda covered when I brought 2 projects with me but I RAN OUT OF YARN!! Yes, this is a SHOCKING state of play for someone who has over 300 balls of yarn.

So on the train back, bored with the picturesque scenery whzzing by and with my fingers itching, I took gratuitous shots of my Tavistock souveniors...

I was snapping happily away on the crowded train like some yarn pervert and found it a good opportunity to test out my camera. Gruff very wisely pretended to be asleep so that he could disassociate himself from the loon sitting opposite him.

This is my cabley project from Rowan Studio,... I'd like to think I captured the undulating and rolling landscape of Devon in these shots...

Thursday, July 26, 2007

25% off @ Loop

Popped along t Loop and there happened to be 25% off everything... hmmmm -it was too good an opportunity to miss. Along with lots of DB Cashmerino Aran, I bought some Manos Del Urugray (?)

some Noro Cash Iro...

AND some Blue Sky Alpaca.... hmmmm,......

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sheep & Wool day @ Spitalfields Farm

Simply Irresistible

The stripey stuff is for a bag that I want to make... inspired by Lisa from U-Handblog. The knitting material was just far too cute to resist. Thanks flib!

Rowan yarn,.... hmmmm

The Jaeger Aqua just because it was £1 a ball, the cotton rope was probably a mistake boo,... the Rowan Holiday's for a stripey jumper and it was all just because I haven't been buying any ayrn lately and thought I should treat myself for working so hard at my high-pressured job.... ermm,.. can I think of any other reasons.... because it was a thursday? Because I got a little lost and accidentally wandered into the yarn department?.... sigh, Gruff's eyes almost popped out. My arms were aching a little the day after from lugging all my spoils home on the Number 8 bus... yarn therapy is so much cheaper than a day at the spa.

More fabrics... I don't even own a sewing machine!