Monday, June 04, 2007

Catching up

Work has consumed my life and left me little time for blogging, knitting and generally taking life easy. Have managed to squeeze in little intense pockets of fun stuff but it's not really me or my style. I'm shattered come the weekend and find myself in slumberland at 10 on a Friday evening. Not very rock n roll in the slightest. But just a quick recap of what i've been up to (going backwards), Went to Regent's park yesterday for the Green fair and did a little bit of knitting in between scoffing yummy brownies made by Lucy and drinking organic beer. Saturday was spent with relatives as my sister is in town. We hooked up with my cousin who has 2 adorasble munchkins. They are the most gorgeous little people on this earth and I'm being truely objective here. Yay - more knittees for me to subject my little woolly creations. It was nice to hang out with my sister who looks tiny and hence delicate but she is tough as old boots, plays rugby and has climbed up to the base camp of Everest - not once but twice! We are also vastly different in that my sister is uber-straight but I love her to bits and I know that i'm the little sister she always wanted despite my (occasional) naughtiness and grumpyness. Heh heh...

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