Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Bobbys

Wow!! I don't think i've ever won an award by public voting. At Junior College, I ran for the Student Council elections but there was no real reward for that. Unlike the Bobbys which was voting held on a much bigger and global scale. I was so chuffed that the yarngina got so many votes - thank you everyone! I'm still on a bit of a high. It was fantastic that so many Ravelers voted for stuff and I got send so many nice messages from people,.... wow again!

I must say that there were nominations in my category that were so brilliantly funny - the competition was really hotting up at certain points. Anyhoo, here's a money shot of Janice in the yarngina. Enjoy!


Joleo said...

So nice to see the yarngina getting the recognition it deserves!

good luck with the spinning too - my MIL spins and it looks far harder than just messing about with the finished product

The Pattern Slave said...

This is absolutely fabulous! It could be rented out for halloween costume parties. Talk about shaking one's money maker!