Thursday, March 08, 2007

15% off - Bah!

One bloody week - my stupid, dumbass attempt to be pious and refrain from indulgent, sinful, yarn buying lasted 7 days. All because it was 15% off and I was weak.

I've managed to go into Liberty's and not buy any yarn for the last few weeks before our K's & P's at Leon. But it must have been the free wine coupled with the combined efforts of Flibbertygibbet & Caroline sitting on my shoulder and whispering encouragement that pushed me over the edge. Once the beast was unleashed, I splurged and gave my card a good spanking. So to atone, I hereby confess that yesterday at Liberty's I, Knitterrooney bought;

- some tiny sock dpns
- the Rowan Studio 1 book (which was the Delilah that emasculated me) because I then had to buy
- 5 balls of Kidsilk Haze and 2 balls of Felted Tweed for 2 of the patterns.

and once those were in my basket, I found myself picking up 4 balls of RYC Cashsoft Baby Alapaca for some cabley socks I have in mind. In my defence, I did actually put some yarn back in order to limit the financial freefall, the damage could have been a LOT worse.

I feel quite relieved & relaxed now - I was getting hot and flustered, my heart was palpitating wildly, my palms were getting damp and I could feel the beads of sweat forming on my forehead as I stood in Liberty's battling my yarn demon. Okay, so in this instance I succumbed to my darker desires but if there are lessons to be learnt from this whole debacle - it is that you must embrace the inner you and not embark on flighting worthless battles,... I feel humbled and enlightened by the experience (although my stash has got heavier - heh heh!) and next year, I'll stay clear of any knitting related abstinences which has proved impossible and just vow to be nicer to pensioners, let them have my hard-fought seat on the tube or something similarly challenging. Hee hee ...

(I'm chuffed to bits now just thinking about the knitting goodness to come! I'm so glad I listened to Fibbertygibbert and Caroline's wise words of support. Oh, how I've suffered this past week!)

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Flibbertygibbet said...

Oh but I'm always right - when it comes to wanton spending...