Monday, May 07, 2007


I have a thing about sleeves, once I've raced through knitting up the backs and fronts of garments as per the order suggested by patterns I'm normally jaded and the thought of knitting two sleeves turns me off. I have such an aversion that I'm thinking of just sticking to sleeveless garments (it is summer after all). But even so, the Courtney dress from Rowan Studio 1 would look pretty ridiculous without sleeves I reckon - so I've resigned myself to my fate. Then I remebered a conversation with Loba at K's & P's where she helpfully suggested that perhaps I should start the projects with the sleeves and get the difficult stage over and done with. Loba's great, I am going to miss her muchos when she returns to Denmark although she is trying to persuade us to go over for a knitting symposium in September. Aside from the small fact that all of us apart from Loba can't understand a single word of Danish, it's a top idea. How would we contribute to the symposium when they are discussing the merits of toe-up socks or the state of the yarn industry is just by-the-by. Hmmm,... I have a feeling pointing and gesticulating wildly just won't lend our contingent any credit. We could always go for the scenery I guess as the symposium is apparently held on a very pretty island. I guess we could always go and nod politely at whatever's said to us and attempt the universal language of the K's & P's. I can just see us 'oohing' and 'ahhhing' as we stroke luscious yarns or gaze in awe at great knitted pieces of art.

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