Tuesday, November 20, 2007

She's lost control...

Sorry for the slack posting... will try to account for my absence. Hmm,.. firstly,
SnB day - almost didn't go but someone had a spare ticket and I instantly broke my yarn diet. Bought some lovely Manos yarn in bright red and some fyberspates stuff and lovely, yummy, sexy silk from knitwitches..

The male fashion show was the funniest thing i'd seen in a while. Craig and Gerald who organised the whole shebang did a magnificent job. Would have lost even more control but wise Tash whispered in my ear that it was time to go, that i'd spend more money if I stayed and she was so right.

Was in desperate need of a drink as Gruff and I had had a major fight. Now I don't get angry very often but when I do - it's horrible. I end my pursing my lips so that words of bile don't spill out of my mouth. And when I'm angry - I get ex-trem-ly ex-act a-bout-what-i'm-say-ing because you want ev-e-ry-sing-gle-word to be heard... and each phrase is designed to be a stab and cause the most hurt... sigh. ..Can't help it... it's my Achilles heel, if you're my friend and survived my angry tirades then our friendship has reached the next level... far too many people are so astounded by the sudden passion and rage that they shy away afterwards... I was born in the year of the tiger if that offers up any explanation.

Flip side of all this is that I'm always mortified the next day and thoroughly repentent... anyhoos, I needed a drink after SnB and Tash took us to the loveliest gastropub with steak sandwiches to die for... nothing like a good meal to temper you raging your emotions, the company of some calm knitters to detangle your thoughts and glasses of fine wine to reflect on your own shortcomings...

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Faloola said...

Hey Ting, just catching up with your blog, very interesting and glad to be of service without even realising what was going on behind your smiling eyes... You can always count on me to get you to some grub and vino when needed! xxx