Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Where have all the years gone...?

Have bought a new computer recently which has meant that I'm going through all my old CD's and storing them on itunes,.. which has prompted a complete trip down memory lane. Strange how your music collection becomes a form of recording your history... your shifting tastes... the songs or albums that cause a time-warp to forgotten moments, phases of your life that you'd relegated to the deep recesses of your mind...

Had a pre-birthday party with P & W,.. which was lovely. Just as I was bemoaning the fact that I felt much older than my 33 years some hip, trendy-ish grime artists came on stage at the Vibe Bar. Now it's not normally my kind of music but it blew away the cob-webs from our ears and injected us with the adrenaline rush of 'yoof',... just so that we could delude ourselves for a while that we were still young with our fingers temporarily on the pulse.

Woke up the next morning, hungover to be greeted with fresh vietnamese coffee and crumpets,.. yum! We then went to my favorite dim sum restaurant and then it was off to the V&A. Lovely, fascinating place full of gorgeous stuff AND you got to take photos. Then, it was off to Neal's Yard for a massage

and then dinner on the Rootmaster. A vegan restaurant in an old Rouemaster bus. Now I'm not vegetarian let alone vegan in the slightest but I thought i'd try it out for the novelty value. My friends who know me well found it hilarious that a confirmed carnivore like me would chose to go to a vegan place but hey, life's about new experiences right? If you're looking for a lovely, unique venue for a special night then I cannot recommend Rootmaster highly enough, we had the loveliest waiter who looked after a drunken group of rowdy diners so well.


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