Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Ks & Peas

Frantic flags cling to their poles
Clouds rush by into the Grey
Gale force winds have slowed our strides
Pressing work due last, last week
Glares out at me with hands on hips
and pursed up lips.

I read page after page of
screen-based blogs about
Knitting (hurrah for the Phoenix
and Wasabi peas)
and other fun mindless things.
Inner discoveries thanks to Myer's Brigs.
(I'm an INFJ for those in the know.)

This latest entry was inspired by
a man who vowed to learn
100 poems off by heart.

The morning's distraction
has therefore been reading
Poems that people like and know.
I like reading poetry,
I like writing poems
I like words that never reach the edge of the page
but hang suspended, kept up by the wind.

It's not my fault my inertia can't be moved
though gale force winds prevail.

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