Monday, April 23, 2007

Sick of this stupid cold

Spent the whole weekend sneezing and filling the flat with soggy tissues. Nice eh? It started on Thursday evening completely out of the blue which meant that I had to miss Knitflicks on Saturday - most annoying as I was really looking forward to watching the film and I haven't been to a screening in ages. Was all hyped up to go to the flower market on Sunday as well but the thought of all that pollen cuaisng me to sneeze on unsuspecting punters put me off.

Haven't been able to do much tidying or purging in the flat which means that poor Gruff will only have a little corner for his stuff when he moves in this weekend!! Oh dear, should get my skates on really. But what's offered some consolation is a little dusky pink, picot-edged beret that I started on Thursday (hmmm,.... love the tweedy colours although I think it'll go down in my memory as The-beret-I-made-when-I-had-that-nasty-cold-that-didn't-want-to-go-away).

This cold has meant that I can't enjoy my new status as unemployed bum although I have a telephone interview later on which is just as well - don't think I'm likely to impress anyone with my red nose and blotchy, watery eyes. This is my second interview with a big, prestigious, slave-driver, bumper profit making American-Jewish bank - yes, THAT one. I'm already pretty chuffed that my CV made it through to the interview stage. Har, har.... when I told Gruff he was completely oblivious and therefore unimpressed about what a big deal it is that they took the time to see me - it's what I adore about Gruff. IfI get the hands free thingy to work, I could even continue knitting my beret as they grill me about important banking stuff. Hee hee!

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Flibbertygibbet said...

Hope you are recovered enough for Foyles, even if you're snotty x