Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Crucial yarn maintenance

Some lovely Debbie Bliss Maya yarn that needs to be wound up. I think this will be used for Mong's Acorn hat which I'll use Woolly Wormheads hat pattern for.
The flat's been in dire need of a good clean and I have been distracted with planning for the holiday, hats and other good and far more interesting things. So yesterday evening, Gruff and I decided to tackle our ever-increasing muck together in a joint effort of mutual support. Gruff had the pretigious task of cleaning the bathroom (doesn't it look sparkly?) whilst I was in charge of tidying up - fair enough since most of the mess is knitting related and most of the toilet's mess is erm, Gruff related. In the midst of all this, Gruff came up to the bedroom and caught me off guard.
Gruff: Where did you put the....(suspiciously) what are you doing?
Me: (guilty look on my face) Erm,.... nothing, I mean erm.... (brightly) I'm organising.... (Trying to look busy & occupied)
Gruff: (resignation in his voice) You're playing with your yarn aren't you?!!
Me: Nooooooo.........., (unconvincingly) I'm organising it.
Sigh,... sorry Gruff! But it urgently needed doing. There was a pressing requirement to stash my stash so that I can erm, take stock. Kind of... have decided to monitor my yarn addiction and I'm setting aside a strict monthly yarn budget since I know that strict abstinence is impossible.

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