Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sweat shops & Castles

Gruff and I went to a lovely wedding yesterday. The ceremony was held here which lent a medieval, fairy-tale touch to the special occasion. This was followed by a superb hog roast, a massive piss-up in a barn and dancing to an 18 piece big band.

Otherwise, I have been setting out my Babette in various configurations these last few weeks in an attempt to find the perfect combination.

The mind boggles with endless permutations and my eyes feel over-exposed to all these retina-burning mosaics.

As a pleasant distraction, Pauline and I went over to Helen's for a sewing class. We managed to transform her lovely home into a sweat shop for the afternoon given that we were blessed with particularly scorchio weather that day. Helen kindly lent me this

Who needs a dining table when both Gruff and I have laps?

More photos of our lovely afternoon can be found here here.

This is what I managed to make for Gruff's niece.

I still need to find material in the right color for the bias binding on the arm-holes. A part of me is sorely tempted to make one for myself in that same, lovely material.

Thanks to a directory of free sewing patterns, I found this simple pattern.

This is my test piece which only took me an evening to knock up - amazing!

But otherwise, remember this?. Well, this year's blossoms have been even more abundant.

It was given to me as a house-warming present when I first moved into this flat and it never fails to surprise me when like a stealth bomber, its buds explode with color. Looking at it always cheers me up - it's my little tropical memento of growing up in South East Asia.

"What's up on the acting front?" I hear you ask. Well, a project I auditioned for and got has sadly fallen through. Perhaps it was karma for the send-up I did of my Japanese ex-housemate, who knows? But I happily landed myself another gig due to someone pulling out. Rehearsals this weekend meant that I had to give the girly knitting trip to Copenhagen a miss. I will instead be preparing for my 'West-End' debut next week wearing an orange jumpsuit and flapping bits of fabric about to play 'Earth' at Trafalgar Square, glamorous eh?

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Helen said...

Cute Kimino! Glad to see the little Janome is getting a workout.

Can't wait to see Babette.

Congrats on Earth!