Sunday, February 04, 2007

First photos - hooray!

Made this little Kimono Top from a 'Quicknits' book bought off Amazon. A bit of an impulse buy but it was a case of yarn greed - and my eyes being too big for my.. err.. stash? Also has some yarn that I bought from Loop on a whim when I had delusion about making a big blanket. Notice a trend here? Anyway, I know the top looks a bit like a small straightjacket but my nephew Alex is very little with long ape-like arms so this will definitely fit. Plus, the straightjacket functionality might come in handy when he's being particularly naughty - which is more often than not! Made a few adjustments to the fastenings because I couldn't be arsed to make 6 Icords plus naughty Alex squirms and wiggles whenever you try to dress him so tying up 3 cord-like things will be next to impossible. Not sure what the consensus is with toggles and babies but I thought they'd be much more practical and easy to fasten.

The 2-coloured scarf was inspired by one I saw at The National. Kept staring at this lady's neck and was itching to ask her if she could take it off so that I could examine its construction more closely. Thankfully, restraint was exercised on my part but this is the result - a present for my friend Kartini. I like the fact that she can choose to change the way she wears it from day to day and according to the whims of how she feels that day - optimistic and looking forward to spring (limey) or warm and flushed with life (pinky)?. I know that it if it were me, I'd be racked with indecision every single day so it's good that I haven't got one of these (must confess though that I was sorely tempted to make one for myself!).

Now that I can load on photos - i'll have much more to share - bring on the Ks and Ps I say!!

p.s. also found a long lost friend - Lisa who runs the divine U-Handbag! I met Alan and her on a idyllic, remote, diving island in Indonesia when I was on my year out. Bumped into her last year then promptly lost touch again. But I was looking at some comments on a crafting blog last week and chanced upon her again - I love the little moments of serendipity that Life throws up.


Flibbertygibbet said...

Excellent! Love the matinee jacket, so cute.

So have you given up on the words now, it's only pictures from now on ;-)

Helen said...

The cardy is so nice! AND the scarf! you have been busy.