Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Midweek blues

Finished my pair of Fetching over the weekend - my fastest ever knitted item yet and one that wasn't driven by a dead-line. I normally throw myself into knitting overdrive to finish a project because i'm meeting the person in 5/3/1 hours time and it MUST be ready otherwise it'll be summer when they finally get their woolly gloves/scarf/hat.

Fetching was such a joy to make as the exhilaration of doing the 'cabley thing' just got me on a roll. I'm trying my best to temper this new obsession because it might just wear me out and I'll quickly reach saturation point. It's happened with the Knucks - having now made 4 (2 of which were back to back), I must confess that the prospect of making yet another pair fills me with a little dread. I was so thrilled with the pattern that yarn for 2 more Knucks have already been bought,... oh dear, perhaps I should find some other use for the felted tweed. Hmmmm,.... in the meantime, I've given myself a bit of a break from gloves with a baby beret hat as a surprise 'Thank you' present. I'm making it with DB Pure Cotton in pink which is a welcome change from the blue, blokey coloured stuff I've been making of late.

But speaking of the blues, I was saddened to read about this. So much of it seems driven by simple economics yet the long term reprecussions of gender demographics and the intrinsic devaluing of a person's life just makes me feel so angry and impotent. What makes it aggravating is that there are a whole host of contributing factors and no easy solution is in sight when it's a result of a firmly entrenched, pernicious cultural belief. Midweek blues indeed.

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