Friday, February 23, 2007

Goodness Cables Me...

Have been struck by the cable virus - my thoughts have been twisting and spiraling around a pair of grey fingerless gloves I'm knitting. Started on my first cable with some trepidation at this Wednesday's K's & P's and it is so addictive! Will try to post some photos soon although I still haven't really got the hang of my new digital camera which continues to produce fuzzy photos - the fact that I've got shakey hands reminiscent of an ex-junkie has obviously got nothing to do with it. Hmmm, maybe I should cut down on my tea and sugar intake.

The other exciting event this week has been rediscovering the joys of cinnamon (the word istelf sounds so yummy, cinnammmmmmmmmmon). It's a crucial component of my morning porridge but last night, my obssesion with it went one stage further. I sprinkled a little bit in some fried onions and potatoes and I kid you not, it was yummy-licious.

Funny how my 2 favourite things this week both start with C - there's also the double whammy of the Chocolate Cake we had at Wood's birthday on Saturday - yum, yum! Unfortunately, all this goodness invariably brings me unto the nastiness in my life which also start with C. Yup, it's the CA-LOR-IES and Cross-trainer,... booooo, hissss!!

But back to cables (see how the subject keeps coiling back?), I can't wait to finish the gloves so that I can perhaps start on this or this! My cabley ambition clearly knows no bounds.


Helen said...

awwww that Trellis one is SO cute. Or is it just the baby I'm drawn to?!!

Flibbertygibbet said...

No, no, no, I think the key is more sugar... in the quest for cinnamon and chocolate perfection, do you think someone could fly us here -

Like, now?