Thursday, February 01, 2007


Haven't been blogging much about my knitting lately so here goes;

My 'Beer & Duck' Knucks were finally completed - all I needed to do was sew the lettering on but I had too many UFOs on the go. Plus I had to frog Gruff's hat as it was too fluffy for his liking although I still think that it made him look ultra sweet and adorable, anyhoo the point was to make something he would actually wear so it was reworked over the weekend and now has a grey stripe on it - Gruff has a thing for stripes, add in that and he'll wear it. The fluff in his first hat was caused by the mixture of kidsilk haze with the RYC soft tweed - that's now been used in my fluffy legwarmers which were inspired by Sarah hats.

Lost my big darning needle over the weekend whilst finishing Alex's kimono top - it's in the bed somewhere as I had a very lazy, lie-in blissfully reading and knitting in bed. So I HAD to pop into Liberty's to get a replacement and picked up some striped sock yarn inspired by Gail and some more Felted Tweed to start on another pair of Knucks. I looove Felted Tweed, it's so nice and soft to knit with plus I've promised Sara a woolly gift, hers are going to say 'Snow Babe' on them. (Thanks to Gail, I've learnt how to put links in - hooray!)

I have also joined a gym!!! Having ranted and raved in the past about how they're for sad-masochists, I've finally relented due to a growing necessity. Although it's not actually near the flat or work it is kind of on my way home if I take a detour. The main thing that swung it for me was the 'no joining fee or mandatory 12 month contract' promise. What it lacks in convenience it more than makes up for with the great view of the Houses of Parliament - a deciding factor obviously besides the state of the changing rooms or equipment. Have a look!

On the entertainment front - it was Nigel's birthday so we went to the Bavarian Beerhouse and THEN ended up in a strip joint! My first ever time, it was also one of the seediest, according to our guide. It was Gruff's first time too but ladies get in free - (special discount - i like it) here's an email account to P about the night;

'went to my first strip-joint yesterday (it was Nigel's birthday and we all got very drunk - I'm still a little bit hungover). Anyway, I take it that you've never been to one so this is what happens (in a nutshell) - nice ladies old and young go round with a collection - they're obviously a little poor because their undies have gotten quite tatty and skimpy. They then show you how cold they'd get if they were naked and how they'd need to rub themselves warm with the help of some poles. You then donate some more money so that they can buy some decent coverings. Gruff got told off by some ladies because the only loose change (har, har) he had on him were coppers, it obviously goes against Strip-joint etiquette. Useful information to know when you go there for your stag-do!'

P doesn't fancy ladies so I doubt he will ever have to experience the poles. I told Gruff that if I ever had a hen-do, it'll be guys in various types of jumpers, maybe some woolly Y-fronts with exotic yarn wrapped around their bodies, they'd have to twirl around to unravel it and perhaps cavort around huge giant knitting needles - maypole dancing styley.... I think it would go down well just on the novelty factor, I could call it 'Tingsters Stringfellows'? Genius!

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